2Pac & Tha Dogg Pound – NY ’87 (OG Version 2) [Remastered & 432 Hz]

New 2017 – Remastered – 432 Hz – Lossless – Flac – 1.411 kBit/s – CDQ – HD – High Quality – Unreleased Original – Lyrics – Hip-Hop –

Artist: 2Pac & Tha Dogg Pound (feat. Deadly Threat & Dj Quick)
Song Name: NY ’87 [OG Version 2] – (NY87 / NY 87 With Intro)
Producer: Daz Dillinger
Recorded Year: 1996

With the new 2Pac All Eyez On Me Trailer for the upcoming 2Pac Movie, we can witness a new 2Pac hype. Along with the uploaded 2Pac Trailer this is my part for the promotion of the All Eyez On Me Movie. I decided to release as much Unreleased Songs of 2Pac as possible.

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[Verse 1: Kurupt]
I heard of Meth, Nas, and Red
I’m down with them
Indeed we all smoke weed and clown wit um’
Hung around wit um’
One man
I ran with his clan
There is only one land
Niggas down with me I can count on one hand
Come dumb I gets dumber
The double barrel pumper heat dumper
And I been rockin’ mics since Funky Drummer
These adventures wreak Havok speak lavish lifestyles
I crack your clavicle for the cabbage
Rhyme savage
Introduction to death
Murder MC’s til ain’t shit left
In the sector
Why must MC’s flip like gymnastics
Just to get they whole ass whipped
Claim to be classic
But you don’t set no classic examples
With ya
Fucked up beats
And ya fucked up samples
Your last verbal war
You won’t survive no more
I turned the channel cause niggas you ain’t live no more
I used to follow
But now yous a legend like Sleepy Hallow
I shoot to kill the horse pill u can’t swallow
There’s no tomorrow
Nigga, it all ends
I been down with KRS since Boogie Down begins
That’s my man
Now what’s this I hear?
I was told to beware
I’m the inspirer
Dissed by a nigga I admired
Hell no this can’t be
Now who the fuck is this I hear on the radio dissin’ me?
B.I. double G.I. to the E
Doing a video for a song
That got blew out of proportion
I found he’s the deadliest force
In a world where it all about glamour fame and fortune
Nigga we Mob Deep
So fuck you, Jeru, and any Tribe that Quests to compete
We the elite
The psycho assassin is blastin’
And next time you hit L.A. nigga we mashin’

[Verse 2: Deadly Threat]
West Coast sound, holdin’ it down
We got the tank
The shit to make them fall out and faint
Record it, shit that overseas imported
That genuine shit that be hard to find
My lyrical so irresistible, I get the dough, and flip the flow
Over turn If It wasn’t black on the gat burned, up
I hear the fakes on the radio make my ears ache
We aim and shoot the wack to reduce the pain
Black at ya, sick in the head body snatcher 96′
When I’m elect the wack MC’s get ejected out the tape deck dash
You’re no match, yo’ DJ can’t scratch you won’t last
So just hop out the battle, retreat for your saddle it’s too many of us
We carry plenty of dust, skulls melt from the heat from the microphone
Mortal Kombat make skeletons bones

[Verse 3: Daz Dillinger]
Eyo Threat I play the MC
Niggas they played the mic
I bash motherfuckers from words that I recite
Tighter than the average MC
Tryna battle me
Tragedy is a must, as I crush N.Y.C
Lately I been on some crazy shit
Imagine this
To make it ’til you die
Until you out of it
Your hood from murders
Roamin’ through your house and murder
When you wake up in the morning
Your life will be over
I told ya
Dogg Pound ain’t nathan nice
Sacrificing motherfuckers
From men to mice
There’s been a murder on your block
When he drop
Your homie thought he was nutty
What made him I roll a Glock
You stop us
But when we started mashin’ ain’t no stoppin’
On and on more of your dogs keep droppin’
What was your homie ain’t yo homie no mo’
Commit suicide and blow your brains on the floor
Don’t ignore the fact
Grab the microphone and snap
Then react with the shit that jumped off that night

[Verse 4: 2Pac]
And phony rap stars think they got me
I’m on some Superman shit now
They shouldn’t shot me
Cause I’m convinced that my squad is real
And God has blessed me with the power to be hard to kill
I got a mind that’s full of murderous thoughts
When unleashed
I make them niggas bow
Feel me now or be deceased
I ain’t choosin’ sides
Hell no
Fuck everybody
It’s West Side when I ride watch 4 dead bodies
Lyrics are colorful words and anesthetics
Problems are gettin’ worked out faster than calisthenics
I’m bullet proof
Blazed up on top of my man’s roof
Hands on a fully AK so what’chu plan to do
Moon motherfuckaz ’til they feel me
It’s West Coast nigga fuck New York
Now did everybody hear me?
You shot at my homies now I’mma blast
Screamin’ Thug Life muthafucka when I pass
NY ’87

(NY ’87)
(NY ’87) Comin’ through your town
(NY ’87) Gunnin’ niggas down
(NY ’87) Fuck that shit, we knockin’ niggas out
(NY ’87) Niggas just jealous
(NY ’87) Watching too much “Goodfellas”

Now That’s Dissin’

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